Flawless Pros

Maine's On-Site Hair & Makeup Team

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Let FlawlessPros make the morning of your wedding pleasant and relaxing! Instead of you and your bridal party driving multiple cars to one place for hair and another for makeup then back to your venue, STAY WHERE YOU ARE!!! Let us bring hair and makeup to you! No stress, easy going, and on your timeline! We come prepared for just about everything, even the unexpected, and we are already excited to be a part of your upcoming nuptials!  



Event Makeup

We love makeup!!!  Full coverage, light coverage, stage makeup, or airbrush, we've got what you need to achieve the look you want. I believe that there are 2 things that set us apart; First and foremost is our passion. We genuinely enjoy working with each and every client, making them feel beautiful and confident one lip color at a time. Second being our product knowledge. We have spent years testing countless products to ensure that your final look is both beautiful and photo-ready, and we know first hand that all makeup is NOT created equal! We also love working with fellow artists. So if you have booked hair with another artist, or simply just need makeup, sign us up! We can't wait to hear from you!

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Photo Shoot


Engagement sittings, corporate head shots, senior photos, family sessions, portfolio head shots, editorial shoots, promotional pictures, band swag, you name it, we're game!!! Let's face it, professional photos aren't cheap, so put your best self forward and make sure you get everything you were looking for when booking your sitting by adding hair and/or makeup. (Yes, even men!) Your photographer will spend less time editing and that should result in a faster turn around of your pictures. It's definitely worth it, for everyone involved! 




We know that pageants are a lot of work!!! Whether you're an experienced contestant or a stage parent, you know how hard it is to remember everything you need to make the day seamless; makeup, lashes, curling irons, hair pieces, wardrobe changes, etc., and that's just the start of it all! Delegate those tasks to us! We are happy to relieve some, or all, of your stress by taking care of every hair change and makeup touch up!  Life is too short to stress about the perfect blush color!



Competition & Performance


Stage performances of any kind can be nerve racking. People watching your performance, then the off stage stress of costumes with corresponding makeup changes on a strict timeline, can make anyone feel flustered! Ease the tension, and enjoy your performance that much more when you let us coordinate those details. We are happy to take care of hair and makeup, and in this case, even outfit changes. We know what it means to work under pressure and how important it is to adhere to your timeline.

* If you're a parent and all of this responsibility falls on you, aside from rehearsals, you rarely get to watch the final performance or competition, and that in itself, is a great reason to bring us on board. Those moments are priceless! 



It doesn't matter what type of film you're producing, FlawlessPros have the know-how make everyone on set ready for their close up, or not so close up.  We have experience working with private corporations to produce client informational videos, video-blogs,  professional commercial sets and more. We are always interested in being part of any production and look forward to meeting the unique needs of every client.  Contact us now to ensure you have FlawlessPros secured for your upcoming production schedule.